BCPL has installed State of the art manufacturing facility for producing best quality Composite Polymeric Insulators. With latest German technology Injection Moulding machines, we are able to ensure high accuracy, consistency & superior bonding between silicon rubber & Core FRP rod. We have integrated manufacturing with in-house FRP Rods production for better quality control and competitive cost.

BCPL has complete range of Insulators for distribution networks

  •  Disc Insulators 12 kV & 36 kV and upto 120KN rating. In both Ball & Socket (B&S) and Tongue & Clevis (T&C) configurations.
  • Pin Insulators 12 kV & 36 kV
  • Post Insulators 12 kV & 36 kV

Our Insulators come in various designs with FRP Rod diameters configurations ranging 16 mm, 20.5 mm, 24 mm & 34 mm to cater to diverse customer requirements & specifications within India & for export. All our products are type tested from NABL accredited reputed laboratories for their sturdy design & high performance.