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Bikaner Ceramics Private Limited Bikaner Ceramics Private Limited
An ISO 9001 Company
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Mining Operations

We mine more than 75,000 tones of ball clay per year from 195 acres of our rich clay mines in Kolayat, Rajasthan. Our excellent quality of clay finds diverse applications in industries such as insulators, sanitary ware, tiles, refractory and technical ceramics. We also produce custom blended clays for special purpose applications as per customer requirements.


Four varities of clay with different compositions

Suitable quality for diverse applications like insulators, sanitaryware, tiles and technical ceramics

Custom blends prepared as per customer requirements




Corporate Office : Bikaner Ceramics Pvt. Ltd, Industrial Area, Rani Bazar, Bikaner - 334001, India

Tel : +91-151-2529180/2542449 | Fax : +91-151-2529180/2200585 | Email :