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Bikaner Ceramics Private Limited Bikaner Ceramics Private Limited
An ISO 9001 Company
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Our Products

Our comprehensive product range has a wide variety of insulators for transmission (upto 400kV) and distribution networks, sub-stations, railways, power plants, urban metro projects & the export market. Our products are also used in Isolators, AB switches, Horn Gap & DO Fuses by reputed manufactures of these equipments in the country.

Our products range is as under:


Profile Types:  Normal & Anti-fog
Mechanical Strength: Range 45 kN to 160 kN
Types: Ball & Socket(B&S),Tongue & Clevis(T&C) & Dead End Type
Applicable Standards: IS : 731 – 1971, IEC 383

Disc Insulators are the most commonly used insulators for power transmission and distribution lines. They are designed to suit all types of pollution levels.


Rating : Upto 36 kV
Mechanical Strength: Upto 12 kN
Creepage Distance: Upto 900 mm
Applicable Standards: IS : 731 – 1971, IEC 383

We manufacture various types of Pin Insulators in the above range to suit all types of environments and customer requirements.


Rating: Upto 36 kV outdoor pedestal type
Creepage Distance: Upto 1100 mm
Applicable Standards: IS : 2544 - 1973

Post Insulators are generally used in Sub-stations, Isolators, AB switches and horn gap fuses. We provide post insulators with both MCI & SGI hardware as per customer requirement.


Rating : For use upto 33kV
Designation: Type A, B & C
Applicable Standards: IS : 5300 - 1969


Rating : For use in LT lines.
Types: Various sizes as per customer requirement.
Applicable Standards: IS : 1445 - 1977




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