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Bikaner Ceramics Private Limited Bikaner Ceramics Private Limited
An ISO 9001 Company
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Established in 1965, Bikaner Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. (BCPL) is the oldest industrial unit in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Originally, we manufactured ceramic pots and fine china. With a strong focus on India's growing power transmission and distribution infrastructure, we indigenously developed our expertise in the manufacturing of world class ceramic insulators since 1980.

Today, BCPL is a leading manufacturer of transmission and distribution insulators with vertically integrated mining operations of ball clay. We produce all kinds of insulators for India’s State Electricity Boards, Power Grid Corporation of India, National Thermal Power Corporation, National Hydroelectric Power Corporation and other prestigious clients. Our state-of-the-art equipment, skilled workforce and stringent quality control practices provide complete stability to our manufacturing process. Our insulators are rigorously tested as per IS and IEC specifications to ensure their consistently high quality. Moreover, our service excellence and post-sales support has earned us the trust and continued business from prestigious clients.

The vision of our founder late Shri Girdhar Das Mundhra, and the exemplary leadership of late Shri Jagmohan Das Mundhra followed by Shri H M Mundhra has established BCPL as a key supplier to India’s power T&D sector. We strive to implement their beliefs by providing a close-knit, collaborative and secure environment for our employees.

“We aim to best serve our customers with excellence and reliability in our products.”

- Mr. H M Mundhra, Chief Executive Officer




Corporate Office : Bikaner Ceramics Pvt. Ltd, Industrial Area, Rani Bazar, Bikaner - 334001, India

Tel : +91-151-2529180/2542449 | Fax : +91-151-2529180/2200585 | Email :


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